New journeys, new thoughts, new experiments - non classified. Just pure expressions of the moment. With every phase of life, my art takes its own form. This is my most current phase.

Window to your Soul

This painting has been painted by me when I have felt the most liberated in... see more

Beyond Silver Lining

Every dark cloud comes with a silver lining. We have an option to despair, ... see more

Memories of Lost Love

Fall in love, lose in love, all that is left are the Memories of Lost Love. see more


These are the curious people we see in our every day lives. They are the on... see more


Delicate combination of soft, textural colors creating a quite harmony shad... see more


Two friends gossiping, sharing secrets, maybe discussing life. see more


From this moment forward...I stop the blame game and excuses. I am responsi... see more


This mixed media composition explores a variety of themes from universal hu... see more