UAE - 2012

Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend one of Akshay's exhibitions.
I was impressed by his eclectic collection of paintings which made use of
so many different mediums. Not only were his paintings all unique and
interesting, they also lead you immediately to start thinking about the
meaning of each individual painting. One painting in particular caught
my eye (Beyond Envy) which now hangs in my apartment.

It's the type of painting which you are immediately drawn to when you enter
my home. I've worked with Akshay for over two years and knew he was
good with a calculator. I had no idea he was so good with a paint brush.

Joseph Lee
Managing Director - APL Logistics
Pakistan, Middle East & Africa

UAE - 2012

We were entirely charmed with your prolific collection of beautiful art
ranging from gentle to powerful, in terms of emotional connect. Akshay, you
have a wonderfully innovative perspective on the juxtaposition of colour and lines.
I guess it is a reflection of an amazing personality you have!! We love our painting
"The mind-set". We are looking forward to your next exhibition.

Mukul Dhawan
Senior Vice President, Finance
Qatar Insurance Company