UAE - 2012

Compliments to the artist 'Akshay Arora' - He weaves a path of colours depicting the evolution of time, his moods and existing conflicts of the light and dark with a pathway of hope. A strong composition, a deliberate choice of value, color, intensity and definitely a visual harmony.

Ann Reeja Eapen
Tandem Health Care


Akshay was kind enough to gift us this set of paintings on the eve of our departure from Dubai to Canada. That was in June of 2005 and they have adorned the walls of our living/dining room ever since. Everytime someone comes home for the first time a good amount of time is spent to talk about these two paintings. It starts with the fact that they are actually drawn on wood rather then canvas or paper.

With each board comprising of 3 wavy lines, 3 circles and a square the comparisons to each other are obvious. However, intentional or not, Akshay did not make the two symmetrical in the way they are drawn. Therefore the ways in which they can be mounted or hung are many.

Akshay's talent as an artist have been evident to me since our school days at Scindia. In fact, one of my rather pathetic attempts at art class were made somewhat bearable by Akshay taking a brush and dipping it in black paint and within 20 seconds changing green patches that I had made into actual trees with leaves and branches.

Rajan Gosain
Director of Rooms
Sofital Mumbai
BKC India